Buzz hosts a potluck

It was interesting to see Buzz interact with all his human friends at the same time. He very much kept to his usual patterns with them. Slobbering on Andy and KG, trying to squash Lauren, deferring to the Peruvian, jumping on ReRe, loving Deb’s smell, and sitting on BH!

All in all, Buzz had a good time and was fairly well-behaved. He stalked some plates that were in laps, but didn’t snatch any food.

Hanging with the Peruvian, not looking at the camera. (Sorry about the blurriness, it was a lowlight situation and I didn’t want to use my flash much.)

“ah, yes, two lovely ladies, petting me simultaneously. I can handle this!”

Five on a futon!

“We should always have a dozen people over!”

Trying to get a crumb Deb dropped in her lap…bad dog!

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