Low tech & mellow

My computer is not yet fixed, so no quality images today. Instead, I've gone low-tech on you and have loaded some images from my cell phone.

These snapshots aren't so great, but they do offer a different glimpse into Buzz's world than usual because my cell phone's camera can focus on things that are really close to the lens, such as Buzz, resting his head on my chest, watching me watch TV.

Head on my stomach as I continue to watch television:

Hanging his head off of the futon:

Taking a nap...zzzzzzzzzzzz...

And finally, waking up, wiggling about and stretching out!

Could the food lady be any busier?

Seriously! Buzz has started doing some of my reading for me in order to help out.

In other news, my computer exploded. The one with photoshop on it. Fun.