Buzz likes Mabel

even though she sat on his face.

And tried to steal his cardboard.

Buzz has been sweet with Mabel all week. I mean how can you not?


a break

Buzz and I are taking a break for a week. I've set up a wordless wednesday post, but other than that, don't expect to hear from us. We'll be back...with pictures!

Also, I've been meaning to mention that while I know some bloggers respond to comments with questions by email, I just reply in the comments section, so check there if you left a question!


Curly is the mayor of my street. A great big malamute with a heart of gold, she loves to hang out in her yard and smile at everyone who walks past her fence.

If you bring her treats...

or if you have your dog for her to say hello to, Curly comes to the fence for a sniff and a scratch.

I've learned that when neighbors are confused about where I live, if I say "across from Curly" they know the exact spot.

I hadn't seen Curly in a week or so and had started to worry (she's an old girl), so when I saw her outside yesterday, I ran inside for treats and the camera. I would miss my Culry girly if she went away. Such a sweetie.

The Heckler

I live on the first floor of a house. On the second floor, there lives a wee doggie named Bella. I think she's a Yorkie mix; she's ridiculously small and cute. Poor Bella doesn't get out much. I think she's more than a little bit bored up there. So, sometimes, she watches Buzz TV.

She looks down out of the window at Buzz in his yard. She watches him carefully. And if he gets too crazy, she starts barking at him. Buzz then tries to find Bella. But he can't seem to figure out where she is. I don't know if maybe it is just that he can't see through the screen? I tried to point her out to Buzz since he was so puzzled, but he only seemed to get that she was in the house. He wouldn't look up to the second floor. Uh, Buzz, that's *our* window.

Happy Indy Day!

It is a perfect day for photos so Buzz and I decided to celebrate our bad British-American selves by taking a picture together. Well, actually, I decided.

Buzz was not cooperating. He wanted to play with his ball.

And watch squirrels (an activity I find boring!)

So I amused myself by trying to imitate him.

Some takes were better than others.

His expressions are quicksilver.

So sometimes I was a little off.

And sometimes I was dead on.

Then he seemed to realize I might want something.

Yes, Buzz, look at the camera and smile!

Happy Independence Day Americanos! Happy Saturday to the rest of you!