Happy happy joy joy!

Buzz and I don't really go in for any of the winter holidays. We like Thanksgiving best. Food, fun, family, football...Thanksgiving is the tops.

Even though we don't really join in, it is fun to see all the excitement around us at this time of year. Especially when it is focused on finding joy, having fun, seeing friends and family, and eating cookies.

We believe in joy.

We believe in having fun.

We believe in friends and family.

Most of all we believe in cookies. Oh yes, we believe in lots of cookies.

We do not, for the record, believe in burrs
but, they believe in us!

We wish all of our readers happiness, joy, and peace!

See you in 2009!

And what to my wondering eyes

should appear, but my neighbor's dog Tucker, who has funny ears!

Every now and then Buzz goes completely ape while looking out the window. He does that because Tucker not only knows how to *unlock and open* the back door of his own home, but how to sneak into Buzz's yard! Of course I let Buzz out to have a wrestle with his buddy. : ) I realize that I am, in essence, rewarding Tucker for his bad escape-y ways, but I figure that it keeps Tucker from running off towards busy streets and Tucker lets me leash him walk him home after the boys have worn each other out.

(what is this move?)


Today, we had a nice fresh layer of snow and Buzz and I were about a half mile from home when Tucker came running up the sidewalk to join us! What a surprise. Good thing I carry an extra leash!

I called Tucker's home from my cell phone and no one answered, so I left a message, and took Tucker to the woods with us where there were many fine things to smell...

and chase...

and then Buzz leashed up Tucker, and I leashed up Buzz and we went back to our street.

No one was home yet at Tucker's house (yes, I did close the door for them).

But after a few minutes in the yard, one of Tucker's boys appeared and took him home.

Until next time, Tuck!

By the way, yes the computer is back up and running and I can now get images off of my proper camera. It's funny, but not having seen full size images of Mr. Buzz for a while, I've been giggling at how happy he looks in so many of them. What a poopsie.

In the meantime, an old frisbee story.

My computer should be up and running next week and then I have many fun pictures to share of Buzz's winter adventures.

In the meantime, I have this old photostory that might amuse you. It is from May of 2007, when Buzz was just turning one, before I had fenced in the yard.

Buzz wants you all to know how to play frisbee...HIS WAY. None of this throwing and fetching business! Start by putting the frisbee on ground and stepping on it with your front paws.

Then, pull the frisbee under your body and flick it between your hind legs.

Catch the frisbee as it rolls along.

Repeat the previous steps! Hours of fun!

At my brother's house,

Sophie sleeps in the guest room with me. She's a tremendous weight, it feels like she's holding the bed to the earth, and she never moves. Buzz sleeps in his crate nearby, and Castro sleeps in Uncle Scary's room or in the hallway between the bedrooms. In the morning, Sophie does some silly stretches...

Buzz waits patiently to be freed...

And Castro comes in to lick my face...

It is wonderful.

Some exciting news: Buzz's back-up food people now have a dog of their own! Tessa is a 10-month-old lab mix from a local rescue and she's a doll.