Halloween in Wildwood

Buzz, do you know what Halloween is?

"Is it the reason I'm wearing these horns?"

Yes. Here, have a treat, Mr. Smart-smart!

"Is it the reason you are wearing those horns?"

Yes. And it is the reason for this tail, too.

"I always have a tail."

Yes, Buzz, you do! You are very observant. What else have you noticed lately?
"I have noticed that there are a lot of new decorations in our neighborhood."

"This house has the most decorations! Rats and rats and rats!"

"The house with the Barbie window is updated for Halloween."

"This house has the most political decorations."

"When I first saw this thing, it gave me quite a fright! I boinged straight into the air and then I growled. But after you said 'good zombie' and stroked the zombie's head I figured it was safe."

I promise to always pet the zombies.
"And I promise to always cuddle the food lady!"

Happy Halloween!

He really loves his nasty rainbow ball.

Just ask him about it…

“Eeeii weeeebbbyyy wuv ddd bal”

Buzz, don’t talk with your mouth full.

“I said, I really love this ball.”

“I like to carry it in my mouth and be chased around!”

“I like to play fetch with it!”

“I like to play tug with it!”

“I really like to hike it between my legs!”

“I even like to just sit here with it dangling from my paws!”

Buzz, you are very weird.


Poor Little Pumpkin

You were once so beautiful...

You had many beautiful friends...

Then something ate your face!
injured pumpkin

Who did this to you?
who has been eating the pumpkin

Was it this guy?

Buzz has sworn revenge!

Watch out squirrels!

There is too much work going on here...

and not enough snuggling.

“I think it is quitting time!”
buzz is bored

“No, really, stop working.”
stop working

“I will make you stop working if it is the last thing that I do!”

Welcome to Casa de Buzz

My friend Andy has generously allowed me to post these pictures in order to demonstrate what happens when dog-friendly people come over for a visit.

You will be snuggled and will receive many admiring gazes.

Buzz will whisper sweet nothings into your ear.

Buzz’s whisperings will hypnotize you until you start to echo his weird facial expressions.

Then, before you know what is happening, you find yourself puckering up for a doggy smooch!

Buzz and the Cuz

Buzz has a highly dysfunctional relationship with his cuz.

"May I have this dance?"

"You make me so happy!"

"Hey! Where do you think you are going?"

"Get back here, you crazy biotch!!!"

"yay! You came back to me."
"I promise to change. I will worship you!"

"Reunited and it feels so good!"

"Hey, why is that guy looking at you like that?"

"Don't forget you need me too!"

"No, baby, I'm just kidding, I could never leave you dirty and alone like that. You are 'the one.' Seriously."


Woot! Back-up food lady is having a birthday!

Last night, I taught Buzz to hold this sign in his mouth--hence the strap--but this morning he wouldn't do it.

"Huh? Birthday? I'll just chew on this stick."

"Is it a sexy birthday? Should I have smoldering eyes while looking at the camera?"

"Oooooh, it is a HAPPY birthday? I will smile, then!"

"Do you know what is happier than smiling? Singing!"

"Are we done now? I'm kind of hungry."

Happy Birthday Lauren!