There are certain benefits to walking around with this cutie face at the end of my leash:

Today, that benefit was peaches:
Millions of peaches
Peaches for me
Millions of peaches
Peaches for free
(recognize those words?)

My neighbor gave them to me because he had 8 million on his tree. My neighbor, Bob, is very nice to me even though Buzz always jumps up on him. Buzz never jumps on Bob’s son. Mysterious.

Anyway back to the peaches!

I’ve already eaten many of the peaches raw.
I shared a slice with Buzz.

Buzz liked the peach.
He chewed it.
It was funny.

I have made and consumed Peaches Melba…

The recipe is from The Joy of Vegan Baking mmmm...homemade raspberry sauce....freshtastic peaches....

Tomorrow, I’m planning on making some Peach & Blueberry Strudel (recipe from the same book.) Depending on how many are left, I may even bake a pie!

Buzz thinks I should not make strudel or pie, he has another suggestion.

: )

Wordle it be?

I love the internet. There is a toy on the internet called a wordle. It makes these awesome word clouds based on text you provide and sizes words according to how often they appear in the text provided. You can play with the font and colors.

Of course, I made one based on Buzz’s blog, with his blog's custom color scheme.

(does that look crazy fuzzy to anyone else? **sigh**)

And I also threw in a paper I’m working on; I love the end result on this one.

Make your own wordle here

Reason #4 Buzz is a supermodel

If asked to model clothing, he matches his posture and mood to the item.

Modeling a John Deere hat, tucks his head down like a shy country boy. Tongue out to show he's been working hard out in the fields.

Modeling a vest and tie. Head up, limbs neatly arranged, eyes bright and focused on something out of the frame (perhaps a PowerPoint presentation?)


My dog is a carnivore. His digestive system was designed to eat raw meat and raw bones and nothing else. Buzz gets sick if he is given processed dog food. He can consume sticks and vegetables and other whole food items without them causing stomach upset or diarrhea, but they come out his rear in the same condition they entered his mouth, so they clearly don’t nourish him, all he gets out of them is the joy of chewing.

The thing is, the only meat in the house is Buzz’s food. In fact, as I learn more about the dairy industry the human food in the house has become increasingly vegan. To me the connections between being good and careful with pets is extending outward to animals that are typically considered legitimate sources of human nutrition. And finding a way of eating that works so beautifully for my dog has made me realize that perhaps I can feel better if I change how I eat.

To anyone interested in making informed food choices for themselves, I cannot recommend the podcast “Food for Thought” by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau highly enough. The author is incredibly straightforward and kind—not just to the animals she is trying to protect, but also to any of her listeners that may still be eating meat and dairy.

Vegan eats for the human:

(Parsnip-Scallion pancakes + Chana Masala = yum!)

In contrast, here's Buzz with his dinner of two pig ribs.

Buzz appreciates my understanding of his carnivorous ways. “Thank you, lady”

Notice the strange, completely flat way he splays out when he eats.

The funniest thing anyone ever asked after hearing that Buzz only eats raw meat was "Yeah, raw meat, but you cook it first, right?"

Months on raw: 6
Ear infections: 0 (Amazing!!!)
Trips to the vet: 0
Choking problems: 0
Pooping Problems: 1 (after he ate all that birthday cake)

Raw feeding a dog takes a little bit of work. Most of it is at the front end of the switch, learning about what to feed in what proportion and how much of it. I was lucky when I started Buzz because I had Bruno, Vinnie, and Gino’s Capofamiglia and the Canadian Who Won’t Give Me Piper, to answer my questions and offer reassurance. I may put together a post on raw feeding information resources. We’ll see…