New Year, New Buzz

Nah, I don't need a new Buzz, I like the old one just fine. Oh, but look at this picture of Buzz when he was new! This is from the day I adopted him, about ten minutes after we got out of the car. My mom just emailed this to me. Look at how attached he already is!! And that snorgley-orgley belly!!!

Here he is a year ago, seven months old and such a puppy.

This year, Buzz grew to his full size (well, I hope, he's huge!)

He was neutered. It was awesome.

I got a new camera and started pointing it at him incessantly...he didn't mind!

In 2007, Buzz destroyed 4000 toys...

went on 8000 hikes...

made a million new friends...

and generally had a ball!

Happy New Year!


People don't believe me when I tell them Buzz is pretty chill most of the time. Look! Photographic evidence! This is what Buzz is like when we're home alone.

And when I've been quilting all day?

So, ha! See? Ppppptttt!!

Buzz at a holiday party

"I can has ham?"

"Gimme dat cookie!"

"More vodka! More!"

"I has a buzz now."

"uh-oh! Party foul!"

"I would totally do your wife."

Little Swimmer

This is Pedro, my friend's fish.

Pedro is our guest this holiday season while his Food Guy is in the Jerz. So far, I have been remembering to feed Pedro. I was a little worried I might forget to feed him because if I forget to feed Buzz, Buzz dances at my feet, pushes his bowl around and is generally annoying. There's no way for a fish to remind me that it needs dinner. Maybe a stern glare. Is that what this is?

I even managed to change his water without traumatizing anyone. Pedro stayed in a measuring cup while I cleaned his bowl. : )

Buzz thinks Pedro is okay, but a little boring.
"Um, can we change the channel on this thing?"


This is my mom's dog, Ned.

My mom loves him very much and he loves her very much.

Ned was abused as a youngster (before my parents adopted him). He is still afraid and unsure a lot of the time. He makes scared faces.

All he wants is love...

And to please not have to look at, hear, or touch that Buzz creature!
"That's okay, Ned, we'll keep Buzz away!"
"It's okay Buzz, just have a bone!"

More things about Ned...
He bears an eerie resemblance to Jen's Wolfie:
See Wolfie & compare!

His flamboyance rivals Woo's

Learn about the Wootie one and his flamboyance

Uncle Scary

My parents have an emotionally fragile dog who doesn’t deal well with new dogs being in his home—especially hyper in-your-face dogs like Buzz. When I visited last year, we ended up having to confine either Ned or Buzz at all times.

This year, my brother invited Buzz and I to stay with him so that there would be less worry and more freedom. My brother has two dogs, Castro and Sophie, who I will blog about later. First, though let me show you my baby brother.

He is, as my godmother says, a whoopensocker. He’s 6’5” and built like a linebacker. Because of this and because Buzz is full of quick energy and is always checking in with people, my brother started to play a game with Buzz…a game we dubbed "Uncle Scary."

To play Uncle Scary, my brother tightens up his body language, adopts a somewhat menacing expression, and directs all of his attention at Buzz.

In response, Buzz approaches him cautiously and somewhat nervously, taking care to show that he’s a submissive dog.

Then, Uncle Scary cracks and they have a hug and a little dance.

A couple of minutes later, the game starts over. Hilarious.

Thanksgiving 2007

Buzz and I traveled to my hometown for Thanksgiving.

Buzz was 6 months old and about 30 pounds the last time he saw most of my family. Now he’s 18 months and 60 pounds.

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving 2007

Even though Buzz is taller and longer than most of his cousin/uncle dogs, my family did not believe that he weighed so much until we got out a bathroom scale and I stood on it with Buzz.

Buzz and my mom are good buddies.
“Oh Granny, what a lovely lap you have!”

Okay, so he did remember his manners later.

My father and Buzz are forming a mutual admiration society.
“Grandpa, you are strong and gentle!”

“Buzz, you are a NICE dog!”

My brother was surprised to see that Buzz still acts like such a puppy—watching everything, always in motion, sticking his nose in every corner. We were trying to figure out a way to describe his energy; “frantic without being anxious” was one, but “buzzy” works well, too.

“Who me?”