Thanksgiving 2007

Buzz and I traveled to my hometown for Thanksgiving.

Buzz was 6 months old and about 30 pounds the last time he saw most of my family. Now he’s 18 months and 60 pounds.

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving 2007

Even though Buzz is taller and longer than most of his cousin/uncle dogs, my family did not believe that he weighed so much until we got out a bathroom scale and I stood on it with Buzz.

Buzz and my mom are good buddies.
“Oh Granny, what a lovely lap you have!”

Okay, so he did remember his manners later.

My father and Buzz are forming a mutual admiration society.
“Grandpa, you are strong and gentle!”

“Buzz, you are a NICE dog!”

My brother was surprised to see that Buzz still acts like such a puppy—watching everything, always in motion, sticking his nose in every corner. We were trying to figure out a way to describe his energy; “frantic without being anxious” was one, but “buzzy” works well, too.

“Who me?”


Jen said...

Looks like Buzz had a good time!

Jen said...

Uh, so that's great and all, but I want to see pictures of the Wolfie look-alike! :)