On Wisconsin!

In the morning, Buzz and I depart for our home state! Yay for Wisconsin.

The first time I drove from Michigan to Wisconsin the weather was awful...very rainy and gray and drab. Visibility was pretty low and I was stressed. To get to Wisconsin, a person has to drive through Indiana and Illinois. In each state, the weather just got worse and worse. Then, miraculously, as I crossed the border into Wisconsin, the ground went from gray to bright green and the sky cleared and became a beautiful blue, with white fluffy clouds. And those clouds had holes in them and the sun beams poured down.

Literally, this was AT THE BORDER. Not around it. Not near it. At it. Later that day, I told my dad about the crazy wonderfulness of entering Wisconsin and he said "that's what I've been trying to tell you your whole life!" It's true. Wisconsin is like a religion to my dad. Can't wait to get home!

When we return, there will be many pictures of Buzz with my brother's dogs and my parents' dogs and my cousins' dogs. Until then, o reader, I leave you with these fine updates.

Buzz met our fo friend Soigne and was goo goo for him. Soigne brought Buzz a gift...a "tug-a-jug." Buzz cannot figure out how to get the treats out. He saw me put the treats in the butt so he's trying to open it there.

Since that hasn't been working, nor has flipping it between his legs or jumping on it, Buzz has decided to just stare the thing down.

Hey Buzz, you think you are a Jedi or something?

Buzz and my dear Re-re met this weekend. I think they like each other.

Bwa ha ha. Just a little!

Key, the stray, was back at our house briefly because he managed to get loose again and the only tag on his collar was the one I had given him! Hard to say who Buzz loved seeing more--Soigne, Re-re or Key--but together they made Buzz's week a lot of fun.


Jen said...

I can't wait to see more pictures of Wolfie's doppleganger. :)

beca2--CL said...

Come home! I miss you!!