Autumn approaches...

Most of the leaves are still green and still on their trees, but some leaves are no longer green and no longer overhead...



Buzz knows what to do when he sees a big pile of leaves.

"It's for rolling in, right? I get my groove on!!"

Natures beauty can overtake even a silly doggy.

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree."

And then Buzz has a teenager moment where he contemplates the circle of life and everything dying and the pointlessness of it all


This melancholy moment passes quickly because Buzz smells something nasty under the neighbor's Jeep and dives under it to investigate.

I usually call him Buzz Buzz Full of Fuzz, but maybe...

...he is full of love?

This is the look Buzz will give you get after you walk him and play fetch with him and teach him something new and give him some treats and then walk with him some more and then take him back to the house and snap a picture just before you unlock the door. He knows that his breakfast is in there and he can nap while you work and he is happy.

Buzz Buzz Full of Love

But maybe Buzz is full of gunk? Buzz has an ear infection of the yeasty variety. He feels a little bit icky, but not too bad. Just about this much icky...

Buzz Buzz Full of Gunk

At the vet, Buzz was officially declared a "nice dog." The vet wrote that on his chart. Aww....I was so proud. But is he Buzz Buzz Full of Nice??? Nah, it's fuzz in there!!! Fuzz, I tell you!

Buzz Buzz Full of Fuzz!!!!!