Operation Kiddie Pool

Phase 1 is complete!
I have a pool.
Cost was $0 as a neighbor was giving it away!

Now I just need a hose.
:::yawn::: "Where's the wet stuff?"

In other news, Tessa is cute.

Really, really cute!

Uncle Scary swears.

That's just a warning, because he sent me the Mabel update I asked for, but it has swear words in it. It's our mom's fault, really, my older brother and I were not allowed to swear but Scary was because he "is so good at it!" Really. Oh, that quote is much better if you do it in an English accent (Granny has one). You can imagine how pleased my older brother and I were that the baby got to swear and we couldn't.

From Uncle Scary:
"Okay Mabel update:

A: She is very, very, very, smart
B: She is currently sitting on top of Sophie's head
C: She has mad social skills.
D: The devil lives inside her, DO NOT PISS HER OFF
F: she knows many commands, but not her name
E: She loves Castro and when he growls she wags her tail faster and faster
F: She learned about cats in one meeting. Yep, don't fuck with cats.Check.
G: she is very quiet but if she growls, well, there is satan again.
H: She has a huge mouth: Tennis balls easily fit there.
I: She is afraid of cars, joggers and bikers and will run in the opposite direction, sit and watch them.
J: She is going to see T.B.G. this week and going to the farm.
K, I gotta walk these fuckers."

Thanks dude. You really are good at swearing. : )

T.B.G. = "the big Grandma," who is really quite small. Not sure why we call her that. I think it has something to do with a Christmas stocking? Huh.

And the farm, well, you can read about that here.

No pictures, Castro doesn't like cameras. Remember?

Until next time!

Updates, updates

1. The food lady is busy. Working, working, quilting, watching "So You Think You Can Dance" and then working some more.

2. Mabel the wee puppy is doing well: potty training nicely and already knows the basic commands and a couple of tricks. According to Granny, Mabel was such a wee baby at first that she mostly reminded her of a guinea pig. Can't say I'd recommend getting such a young pup, but the people giving Mabel away insisted that she was weaned and wanted the puppies gone.
(old picture)

Pirate Pete (reminder: Pete is my mom and dad's dog, but my parents live a few miles from my brother and my dad is the best cook in the world, so Scary is over there all the time), is apparently born to nurture the young'uns; Uncle Scary says that when Mabel visits Pete he has "unreal amounts of love flowing out of his eye."

You know, I think Uncle Scary might just be the funniest person I know. Maybe I could get him to write a little guest blog about how Mabel is doing now.

3. Not only does Scary have a third dog now, my mom has had an extra dog at her house! Granny's third dog is a wee little doggy named "Buttons." Buttons's lady had to go in hospital for a spell and so my mom has been keeping Buttons busy.

As you may recall, Granny's dog Ned is dog aggressive, so Ned and Buttons are out in shifts, which works just fine in the short term. I've told my mom, though, that if Buttons's lady has to go into a nursing home that I will take Miss Buttons. Because something tells me that Buzz would like a little sidecar. A teeny tiny sidecar.

4. Buzz and the rainbow ball. The white ball was only fun for one day. Buzz is back to the rainbow. He doesn't even see the white ball.

5. The fence.
The fence is working! No more fantastic leaps to the outside world.
However, we have now learned that Buzz can scrabble up and over the gate if given sufficient motive.

He only did this once, because his buddy Tessa was on the other side and Buzz loves that Tessa!

6. Buzz's coat. Notice the nice full tail in the above picture? Well, enjoy it while you can because the burrs are starting to come out and Buzz tends to lose a lot of fur when I have to pull those suckers out of his coat.

7. Summer. Ah, it is getting to be in the 80s now, so we have to be extra-careful about not overheating when hiking. This means carrying a lot of water and, ideally, going places where there is a spot for Buzz to swim.

Ideally, NOT the typical Michigan swampland water picture above, but something moving and sweet smelling!

Given the weight and bother of carrying drinking water, I haven't been taking my camera with me as much. Yesterday, Buzz and I met up with Tessa and her people and went for a long hike at a spot with a lake and a creek! I love creeks, good clean spring water running over sand. Buzz loves them too...he splashed around, laid down, rolled over and really enjoyed the heck out of that creek. Tessa was a bit mystified as she hasn't quite learned to love water yet. I bet she'll catch on soon!

Until next time....!


I've only had migraines for a few years. Before I got them, I think I had a romantic sense of what they are--I didn't realize that they aren't just headaches. Mine involve a lot of throwing up and sweating and sleeping. I get totally and completely sick from them. I lay down on the futon and don't get up for 8, 10, 12 hours at a time. And you know what? Buzz is an angel when I'm sick. I sometimes can only get him one meal: he deals with it fine. And I might only make it outside with him twice in 24 hours, and he doesn't complain. In fact not only is he not a pain when I've got a migraine, he's a help. Buzz cuddles up with me and keeps me warm and gives me space the second I ask. Such a good pup.