life is cruel and then you get destuffed

1. Buzz plays with Piglet.

(a close-up must be shown!)

2. Buzz shows Piglet to the neighbor’s dog.

3. Buzz eats Piglets feet and ears then abandons him in the icy yard.

Sorry Piglet.

Packer Backers

“Hello.” Hello.

Do you like my cheesehead?

Hey, Buzz! What are you doing? It’s not actually cheese!

Buzz, it’s not for eating! It’s for wearing! See….?

Oh, you no likey?

Well, just relax and watch the game, then!
Good luck, Pack!

Adventures in Raw Feeding

Raw feeding is like linear regression. When you first learn what it is and someone tries to tell you how to do it, it seems very complicated. And, for the first bit in reading about it, you feel like all you are learning is that there are vast amounts of information you don’t quite understand and will certainly never be able to use. Then, you learn that there are different schools of thought and that these camps have been known to duke it out on the regular with each other and with non-believers; this makes you want to hit things with your fists and your head. Then, you try it and discover that it really isn’t all that tricky. Then, you learn that the whole thing is pretty robust and absorbs errors and that people just quibble about the details and philosophy because that is there wont.

Or, that’s my thinking on the subject at the moment. Maybe I’ll become a raw ideologue next week and start to rant about different feeding models. Yeah…probably not.

Enough blabbity-blabbing more updatey-updating!

Buzz had his first raw meal today and he did awesome! He knew it was food and he chewed it thoroughly. It’s been about eight hours since his meal and his tummy seems totally calm and normal. Yay Buzz!

Buzz has to sit and say please before he gets his food.

Dinner is served!

He stood for the entire meal. This amused me greatly because he was standing in really awkward positions.

He ate every last morsel!

So far so good with Buzz’s new diet!

"I think you are forgetting something"

No breakfast for Buzz as he starts raw feeding today and I want

(a) to have hunger on my side when I hand him some strange looking food--we are starting with a chicken leg quarter

(b) to have his kibble be mostly out of his system before he puts chicken down the hatch; It takes a dog about 12 hours to digest kibble, meat is much quicker, feeding meat right after kibble can lead to trouble when the meat can't clear out because of a kibble log-jam.

Big Red Ballerina

Big Red Ballerina LOL, originally uploaded by relark.

So, Flickr has this function where you can post any public photo on their site to your blog. Had to post this one of very funny!!!

Guess who has another ear infection?

That’s right…Buzz. Grrrr. He is not a big fan of having the medicine put in his ear, either. He walks around like this for several hours afterwards:
“You broke my ear!”

That’s right, his ear freakin’ pouts!

I have been flirting with switching Buzz to a raw diet for a few months now since he’s never had ideal poop on kibble and I have tried several super premium foods and also just let him mature out of puppyhood as my vet suggested…all to no real good. His shit stinks and it is way too squishy. **yuck** The poo of raw-fed dogs is less than half the size of kibble-fed dogs and is said to be “neat and light.” Ooooo…I’ll take it!

Anyway, this new ear infection is the final straw. I think his slight food allergies just keep his immune system impaired enough that he has no resistance to these things.

So, on the 15th, Buzz is going raw! I’m researching it all now and getting myself very confused but I have found some awesome mentors online and hope to make some local connections so that I can figure it out and get my boy 100% healthy and on the best food possible.

In other news, Buzz has started lifting his leg to pee!

I've noticed over the last few months that Buzz has been marking more as we walk, but lifting his leg is a whole ‘nother realm of fanciness!

He started after our huge snowstorm when there were foot-high snowbanks along the sidewalks, but he’s still doing it sometimes now that the snow has melted!

"I'm a real boy!”

Buzz hosts a potluck

It was interesting to see Buzz interact with all his human friends at the same time. He very much kept to his usual patterns with them. Slobbering on Andy and KG, trying to squash Lauren, deferring to the Peruvian, jumping on ReRe, loving Deb’s smell, and sitting on BH!

All in all, Buzz had a good time and was fairly well-behaved. He stalked some plates that were in laps, but didn’t snatch any food.

Hanging with the Peruvian, not looking at the camera. (Sorry about the blurriness, it was a lowlight situation and I didn’t want to use my flash much.)

“ah, yes, two lovely ladies, petting me simultaneously. I can handle this!”

Five on a futon!

“We should always have a dozen people over!”

Trying to get a crumb Deb dropped in her lap…bad dog!