Guess who has another ear infection?

That’s right…Buzz. Grrrr. He is not a big fan of having the medicine put in his ear, either. He walks around like this for several hours afterwards:
“You broke my ear!”

That’s right, his ear freakin’ pouts!

I have been flirting with switching Buzz to a raw diet for a few months now since he’s never had ideal poop on kibble and I have tried several super premium foods and also just let him mature out of puppyhood as my vet suggested…all to no real good. His shit stinks and it is way too squishy. **yuck** The poo of raw-fed dogs is less than half the size of kibble-fed dogs and is said to be “neat and light.” Ooooo…I’ll take it!

Anyway, this new ear infection is the final straw. I think his slight food allergies just keep his immune system impaired enough that he has no resistance to these things.

So, on the 15th, Buzz is going raw! I’m researching it all now and getting myself very confused but I have found some awesome mentors online and hope to make some local connections so that I can figure it out and get my boy 100% healthy and on the best food possible.

In other news, Buzz has started lifting his leg to pee!

I've noticed over the last few months that Buzz has been marking more as we walk, but lifting his leg is a whole ‘nother realm of fanciness!

He started after our huge snowstorm when there were foot-high snowbanks along the sidewalks, but he’s still doing it sometimes now that the snow has melted!

"I'm a real boy!”

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