Adventures in Raw Feeding

Raw feeding is like linear regression. When you first learn what it is and someone tries to tell you how to do it, it seems very complicated. And, for the first bit in reading about it, you feel like all you are learning is that there are vast amounts of information you don’t quite understand and will certainly never be able to use. Then, you learn that there are different schools of thought and that these camps have been known to duke it out on the regular with each other and with non-believers; this makes you want to hit things with your fists and your head. Then, you try it and discover that it really isn’t all that tricky. Then, you learn that the whole thing is pretty robust and absorbs errors and that people just quibble about the details and philosophy because that is there wont.

Or, that’s my thinking on the subject at the moment. Maybe I’ll become a raw ideologue next week and start to rant about different feeding models. Yeah…probably not.

Enough blabbity-blabbing more updatey-updating!

Buzz had his first raw meal today and he did awesome! He knew it was food and he chewed it thoroughly. It’s been about eight hours since his meal and his tummy seems totally calm and normal. Yay Buzz!

Buzz has to sit and say please before he gets his food.

Dinner is served!

He stood for the entire meal. This amused me greatly because he was standing in really awkward positions.

He ate every last morsel!

So far so good with Buzz’s new diet!

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