This is my mom's dog, Ned.

My mom loves him very much and he loves her very much.

Ned was abused as a youngster (before my parents adopted him). He is still afraid and unsure a lot of the time. He makes scared faces.

All he wants is love...

And to please not have to look at, hear, or touch that Buzz creature!
"That's okay, Ned, we'll keep Buzz away!"
"It's okay Buzz, just have a bone!"

More things about Ned...
He bears an eerie resemblance to Jen's Wolfie:
See Wolfie & compare!

His flamboyance rivals Woo's

Learn about the Wootie one and his flamboyance


Jen said...

I LOVE HIM! He has such a handsome face. Can't imagine why I'm so partial to him. :)

alicia marie said...

the one of him by the window is so precious. I feel like I can really see into his soul...