New Year, New Buzz

Nah, I don't need a new Buzz, I like the old one just fine. Oh, but look at this picture of Buzz when he was new! This is from the day I adopted him, about ten minutes after we got out of the car. My mom just emailed this to me. Look at how attached he already is!! And that snorgley-orgley belly!!!

Here he is a year ago, seven months old and such a puppy.

This year, Buzz grew to his full size (well, I hope, he's huge!)

He was neutered. It was awesome.

I got a new camera and started pointing it at him incessantly...he didn't mind!

In 2007, Buzz destroyed 4000 toys...

went on 8000 hikes...

made a million new friends...

and generally had a ball!

Happy New Year!

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alicia marie said...

Happy New Year, Buzz BFO Fuzz, and to you, too, Food Lady!