Halloween in Wildwood

Buzz, do you know what Halloween is?

"Is it the reason I'm wearing these horns?"

Yes. Here, have a treat, Mr. Smart-smart!

"Is it the reason you are wearing those horns?"

Yes. And it is the reason for this tail, too.

"I always have a tail."

Yes, Buzz, you do! You are very observant. What else have you noticed lately?
"I have noticed that there are a lot of new decorations in our neighborhood."

"This house has the most decorations! Rats and rats and rats!"

"The house with the Barbie window is updated for Halloween."

"This house has the most political decorations."

"When I first saw this thing, it gave me quite a fright! I boinged straight into the air and then I growled. But after you said 'good zombie' and stroked the zombie's head I figured it was safe."

I promise to always pet the zombies.
"And I promise to always cuddle the food lady!"

Happy Halloween!