At the vet

Of course Buzz likes the vet! What’s not to like? Lots of nice people petting you and telling you nice things and giving you treats!

See this photo? This is his expression AFTER getting two shots! He loves it!
“A little pain never hurt anybody.”

The hardest thing about going to the vet is that after you check in, you have to go to an examination room and wait for the doctor.

At first, Buzz tries to be a patient patient.

But that gets boring after a while…

So he starts staring at the doors to the exam room. There are two doors, so it is hard to know which one to watch.

His head goes from one to the other like he’s watching a tennis match. Which one will give us Dr. Clark?

Eventually, Buzz remembers that Dr. Clark always comes through the door on the far side of the room. He heads over there to look for her…"Helllloooooo? Dr. Clark? It’s me, your favorite doggy!”

“Well, since she’s delayed, maybe I’ll just make sure that this room is properly set up.”

“Everything seems to be in order.”

“Nice and sanitary!”

It’s a good thing Dr. Clark hasn’t seen Buzz’s nosey ways, she has Buzz down as a “nice dog” in her file. Really! It says that! Makes a food lady proud. I think I already told you about that, but I don't care, I'm still chuffed about it!

“Hey, lady, please post the pictures of me helping you drive!”
Oh, alright then Buzz, here’s you watching traffic.

And wearing your seatbelt like a good boy.

And just being cute!

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