Happy happy joy joy!

Buzz and I don't really go in for any of the winter holidays. We like Thanksgiving best. Food, fun, family, football...Thanksgiving is the tops.

Even though we don't really join in, it is fun to see all the excitement around us at this time of year. Especially when it is focused on finding joy, having fun, seeing friends and family, and eating cookies.

We believe in joy.

We believe in having fun.

We believe in friends and family.

Most of all we believe in cookies. Oh yes, we believe in lots of cookies.

We do not, for the record, believe in burrs
but, they believe in us!

We wish all of our readers happiness, joy, and peace!

See you in 2009!


Ruby Isabella said...

I'm Ruby Isabella from Australia. Joy, having fun, family and friends and cookies; I can see you have a fantastic life. Is that white stuff on the ground snow? I have never seen that in real life.
Ruby Isabella

Fenway said...

Joyful Buzz
Joyful burrs!
A border collie's tale is a collection kit!

A new BC pal,

Margaret Cloud said...

These photos are so cute even the one giving kisses. I am wishing you all a Happy New Year.