Guess who isn't feeling so hot?

It's this guy. Buzz, A.K.A. Little Mr. Gonna-steal-bread-dough-and-eat-it!

Look closely: in addition to the sad face and dead eyes, there are drool bubbles on the baby's chin. : (

Sometimes, for a special treat, I bake my own bread. And normally I don't even give a second thought to Buzz being around the dough while it is rising, because he is very good about respecting human food. Probably because he's properly nourished (yay for raw feeding!), but also because I really do not like it when dogs beg or even watch humans eat, so he's always had very clear direction from me on this point; he ignores human food or he gets put in another room (worst punishment ever!) As such, you can sit next to Buzz on the couch and eat a sandwich. You can even set your food on the coffee table for a second and run to the bathroom. Buzz will leave it alone.

Well, not today. Today I was making rye bread. And Buzz couldn't resist. So, I go in the kitchen to see how the dough is doing and find that Buzz has knocked the pizza peel on the floor and has eaten all the dough.

Yeah. Not good. A pound of rising dough is now in my dog's stomach. That's gonna be a big problem very soon. A softball-sized ball of dough is gonna try to get to the size of a football in Buzz's tummy. Bad.

Time to induce vomiting. To induce vomiting in a dog, you put one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide for each ten pounds of dog into their stomach (at 60 pounds, Buzz gets 2 tablespoons). You can use a turkey baster or syringe. I just poured the hydrogen into this little creamer, then tipped Buzz's head up and poured the stuff into his mouth.

Then, we went outside to wait for the hydogen peroxide to get all bubbly and gross feeling so that Buzz would ker-kakk. Well, he did. Like 5 times. It was a lot of dough. I shoveled the dough into the trash; made sure Buzz was done puking, then brought him inside. Now, Buzz looks like this.

Part of me feels sorry for the guy. Part of me is still craving fresh rye bread and knows she isn't going to get it! Gah!


Christina said...

Poor Buzz! But good to know the H2O2 works so well -- I always wondered.

Mary said...

Buzz Buzz Full O'...dough?! I am so glad you posted the recipe for the h202 throw up concoction. I am knocking on wood we will never need it, but have written it down.

Tell the little man to feel better soon.

Fenway said...

I'll bring the pastrami next tme, Buzz. We can eat deli 'till we explode!

Your pal,

Margaret Cloud said...

He looks so sad and like he does not feel well. I thought peroxide bubbled when put on a sore, did it not bubble in his throat and gag him. Could it not maybe choke him? Just curious.

Buzz's Food Lady (aka Rossie) said...

Hi Margaret, Hydrogen peroxide is a standard way to induce vomiting in dogs (never humans). I've also seen recommendations of ipecac syrup or putting salt on their tongues. I'm pretty sure that however you make a dog throw up they are going to look a bit sad and sick afterwards. For what it is worth, Buzz didn't react to my dosing him with the H2O2, so I don't think it feels especially weird on its way down. Also, he didn't make any choking noises or sneezes when he did puke, he just did the general heaving up you see when they vomit on their own. Buzz was back to his usual within the hour. : ) Rossie

colincastrosophie said...

tehehehe!!! Sophie ate three semi-frozen white bread doughs that were destined for calzone heaven. I was at work at the time so I can tell you what might have happened to the Buzzer had you not puke-i-fied him. CONSTIPATION. Of course Soph passed it through with flying colors (and some extra force) but hey she has also eaten a bottle of 200 fruit rolaids, 20 or so shoes, a foot of pink insulation, numerous plastic bags, my toothbrush and toothpaste(at least 5 times),lotion, smelly soaps, a big jar of vaseline, half a wood door, and of course her favorite thing to steal and eat 50 feet of mint dental floss--so maybe its not a fair comparison. Cheer up Buzz its all part of being a dog.

Incident Alice said...

My dog did the same thing last night...he's fine now, but his belly was huge until he vomited. Silly dogs.