The Heckler

I live on the first floor of a house. On the second floor, there lives a wee doggie named Bella. I think she's a Yorkie mix; she's ridiculously small and cute. Poor Bella doesn't get out much. I think she's more than a little bit bored up there. So, sometimes, she watches Buzz TV.

She looks down out of the window at Buzz in his yard. She watches him carefully. And if he gets too crazy, she starts barking at him. Buzz then tries to find Bella. But he can't seem to figure out where she is. I don't know if maybe it is just that he can't see through the screen? I tried to point her out to Buzz since he was so puzzled, but he only seemed to get that she was in the house. He wouldn't look up to the second floor. Uh, Buzz, that's *our* window.

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