Curly is the mayor of my street. A great big malamute with a heart of gold, she loves to hang out in her yard and smile at everyone who walks past her fence.

If you bring her treats...

or if you have your dog for her to say hello to, Curly comes to the fence for a sniff and a scratch.

I've learned that when neighbors are confused about where I live, if I say "across from Curly" they know the exact spot.

I hadn't seen Curly in a week or so and had started to worry (she's an old girl), so when I saw her outside yesterday, I ran inside for treats and the camera. I would miss my Culry girly if she went away. Such a sweetie.


Sophia Aster said...

I love this blog! And as a rescue volunteer/foster, I'm so glad to see that you are promoting adoption/rescue and linking to PetFinder. My two dogs deserve their own blog but between my house blog and my sewing blog, I'm about blogged out!

(BTW, I found your blog via Flickr - Fresh Modern Quilts)

chief scribe said...

Yes, she is a sweetie! Reminds me of my sister's Siberian husky named Chloe. Chloe is all white with blue eyes. The whole neighborhood knows her and she has a great time going on walks and getting treats from the neighbors!