Food lady is busy.

Well folks, I've been making very few posts lately because I'm just too busy! I'm helping to teach a course and so am constantly grading things, preparing lessons, and reading course materials. I'm also trying to get my own work (a dissertation) back on track and completed. This means I neglect Buzz's blog; but, Buzz himself is getting more than enough attention. Of course, he thinks he's being abused...look at that face.

He was "helping" me grade exams.

Um...thanks for the help, Buzz!

Anyway, how *I* deal with blogs that are only sometimes updated is I add them to Google Reader. It is a really efficient and wonderful way to track a ton of blogs and be notified of new entries. It is very easy to set up and allows you to check for new blog entries as easily as you check for new email. Free, of course!

If you set yourself up with Google reader, here are some of my favorites. I won't even describe them...just see for yourself.
Angry Chicken
Post Secret
Three Woofs and a Woo

You can also subscribe to RSS feeds from Flickr groups and Flickr profiles, such as my quilting group:
Fresh Modern Quilts

OOOooo, I love the interwebs!

Buzz does to; Buzz loves everything except grading and bicycles.

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