Buzz's Birthday!

Buzz is two years old today! In order to capture his magnificence I made many little videos this week and put them all together into this video. The song is "Funny Little Frog" by Belle and Sebastian...some of the song's lyrics are fitting and some are not, but the energy is right, so that is why I chose it. : )

Link to video:
click here to see video

Google Analytics tells me that quite a lot of people like to stop by Buzz's blog, why don't you all introduce yourselves to Buzz and wish him a Happy Birthday?


Buzz's Food Lady said...

Just a note to say that the water Buzz is playing in has a drainpipe, but don't be alarmed; it is not from anything industrial or agricultural.

There are two tiny lakes right next to each other and the pipe connects the two; it prevents wash-out of the path when the other, larger lake collects more rainwater and is at a higher level.

Cicada Studio said...

Hey, Buzz! Happy Birthday! It so happens you share the same day as my son, one of my best friends and Bob Dylan!

I think your mommy will be happy to know she's won my 1st runner up prize in my giveaway contest!

Drop me a line thru my blog and let me know how to contact you in order to send you your prize! :)

Clever Dog said...

This is a little late, but, happy Birthday Buzz. : ) I think your blog is cute, light, and entertaining.

dogzoomies said...

Happy Belated Buzz! We've been a fan for awhile, but this our first official "Hello there!"