With Chuck-it All Things are Possible

Since Buzz has started fetching in earnest while at the park and I had to buy him a new Chuck-It since he ate the last one, I was planning a blog post about the Chuck-It. It is a wonderful invention and I wanted to honor it.

However, when I went to the park to meet my friend who was going to photograph me chucking, I forgot my camera :/

Oh well, I found this picture on flickr
chuck-it, originally uploaded by zipflydesign.

This picture is pretty awesome, huh? I have to tell you that I don't look nearly as...um...graceful when I throw the ball.

The other thing I was planning for the blog was to slip the packaging for the Chuck-It onto Buzz's nose and take some shots. He looked tired enough to tolerate this nonsense...

But, looks can be deceiving...

Buzz was not having it!

This week, instead of having "stuff on my dog," I have to make do with "stuff on my pooh bear"

and Buzz is catching up on his favorite television programs.

He loves Detective Goran.

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