Spring has Sprung!

I've seen a lot of blogs with pictures of blooming flowers and precious buds. Well, those are not the main sign of spring around here; here, the biggest sign is the status of the rainbow soccer ball.

The ball in winter:

See how clean it is? And fresh and snowy!

Well, here was the ball the other day...

So dirty and dark! I posted these pictures on a message board the other day and a friend of mine asked "at some point doesn't the soccer ball stop being a soccer ball and become 'the thing formerly known as a soccer ball'?"

It is true. That thing is so very different than how it began. The Peruvian thinks that maybe it is "the droolball" since it gets so slimey when played with. Oh well, at least Buzz is happy.

With the return of sunny weather, I have resolved to be more sunny with Buzz. I think that when Buzz and I are playing in the yard or at the park, I manage Buzz's behavior too tightly. I don't know if it really has any affect on him, but I would like to hear myself be more positive and fun.

I have decided to trust Buzz more and to ensure he has outside times where I just let him be a goofy dog. So long as he's minding his manners and staying near, I've been just enjoying him and going along with his sense of fun.

Also, as part of this plan, we are adding more structure and regularity to our training. I'm hoping to switch him from sort of listening all the time, to listening when it matters and being free to be his own good self the rest of the time.

So far, the bozo seems happy with the arrangement; well, he is happy with all arrangements, it seems. However, there is one new development; today, Buzz let me walk him across a busy street (he *hates* busy streets). Perhaps his trust is growing? He got an awesome reward for crossing the street...a lovely fetch session in the park that is right there!


Bye-bye now!

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