Uncle Scary got a puppy.

She is called Mabel.

I wish I had a vacation coming up so that I could go see her!

Lookit' that fuzzy butt!!!

She's tiny! Apparently, only 7 weeks old and being given away for free through the paper. That's very young to be separated from her littermates, but she's got Sophie and Castro to keep her company.

Aw, lookit that face!

She is half border collie, half red heeler. Which, if my memory of border collie mixes is correct, means she's going to be an absolute terror when she grows up!

It will be interesting to see how she looks as she grows because Buzz's slip from the shelter says he is border collie and blue heeler, but that has never seemed right.

Ah, I should try to go see her when she is 12 weeks because that is how old Buzz was when I got him.

Woof woof.

Uncle Scary says that Sophie and Castro seem just fine with Mabel so far, though she's hardly big enough to be an annoyance.


Stephanie said...

Mabel is adorable. I hope you get to meet her soon.

Marley said...

She is so cute. She inspires puppy lust.