t h r e e

Buzz is three.
Yes he is!
My happy smiley boy.

My silly nutjob doggy.

I am going to get Buzz a kiddie pool for his birthday, but right now I cannot because the stores don't have them. Soon , soon, my boy. And then I will videotape you and the world will see the craziness!

"What craziness? I just lounge about all day thinking deep thoughts?"

Ha ha ha Buzz, you fool no one.
Also, I might make you a special treat to eat.
Does that sound good?
"Serve it up!"

And then, we go forward! Onward, into the future!

Happy birthday Buzz Buzz Full of Fuzz! I love you!


The Border Collies said...

3?? Holy cow! Where does the time go? Happy Birthday Buzz!!

bexy said...

Happy birthday BBFoF!

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Buzz!

Katt said...

Aw, BBFoF, Happy Barkday!