And who might this be?

It is Buzz's friend Tessa!

She's just a little thing (40 pounds to his 60).

So Buzz usually lays down to play with her.

Which is super-sweet of him. He's always very good with other dogs, its people that sometimes freak him out, especially if they do dastardly things like jog! Or run!! Not allowed!

These pictures were taken in low light with no flash and I brightened them in photoshop rather callously.

This seems to have given them a variety of extreme color schemes. Is that blue sunlight coming in the window?

But these still amuse me...each is chewing on the other's leg!

And really, maybe the bizarre colors suit the weird playstyle?

The fun.

The insanity.

Hey, are you two tired yet?

Okay, good!

Tessa came from a rescue! And she's awesome! Another life saved!

= = =

edited to add: I played some more with that last picture to see if I could get Tessa's eyes and smile to come out more....

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Christina said...

Love the happy dog pics, especially the last one.

Many years ago we had a rescue named Tessa too. Still miss that girl...