Shameless self promotion!

If you follow the link on the right to my etsy store, you'll find these dog-walking bags.

Designed to keep all your dog walking stuff together...poo bags, balls, extra leashes, a clip for keys. I use the front pocket just for "full" poo bags until I can find a trash bin.

They are $35 each with shipping.


The Border Collies said...

These are super cute! However, what about bags big enough to hold, say, extra balls, and a hook for the Chuck It or something? for my and my crew of three, these would be too small to be useful. Have you considered branching out to bigger bags?

Buzz's Food Lady (aka r0ssie) said...

Ha ha ha! if I could come up with a good way transport Chuck-It, that would make me a god, right?

The bags do hold quite a bit, I'll try to get a picture of what is in mine. Of course, they probably couldn't hold all the wootie toys and hockey balls your crew requires. Maybe a few bigger ones are in order.

Mary said...

And I shall revel with pride as I walk down the street with my crew knowing that I am the only one with such a bag in my neighborhood!!

Can't wait to get mine!

Margaret Cloud said...

Well I am going to ask a dumb question, are these pooper scooper bags? Or are they just carry all for play stuff and treats? Just wanting to know, nice looking bags.

Buzz's Food Lady (aka r0ssie) said...

Margaret Cloud: these are basically purses or messenger bags that are the right size and shape and have the right clips to carry what you need for dog walking.

I pick up Buzz's book in a plastic bag and put the plastic bag in the Dog Walking Bag's outside pocket until I get to a trash bin....I hate walking down the street with that poo bag dangling from my hand!