Yes, Buzz?
That was the alarm clock, no?
Yes, it was.
So we walk?
It is below zero out there, Buzz. It is so far below freezing I can't even express it. Let's just sleep in instead.
I am impervious. Walk! Walk!

This is what the non-impervious-lady must wear in this cold:

What astounds me is that Buzz still stops and smells things in the cold. What is there to smell? Isn't it all frozen?

And he still rolls around in the snow. So weird.

Speaking of weird, I love the random leg sticking up.

What could that be? Is someone coming?

No, Buzz, no one else is idiotic enough to come out in this weather.


Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello buzz its dennis the vizsla dog hay ar yoo mayking snow anjels??? i hav herd that is sumthing wot is offen dun in the snow altho yore snow luks a littel hard and frozen ennyway i am glad yoo got yore wawkeez even tho yore mama wuz so cold ok bye

Lou said...

Luckily, Roger lets me hit the snooze a few times to build up my nerve to go out! But absolutely, super-cold mornings = extra-dawdly walks every time.

Margaret Cloud said...

Well Buzz is having fun in the snow, he doesn't care about the cold, what a pretty dog.