It has been raining all day...

but Buzz and I don't mind. We will both happily walk in the rain. Plus, we've got plenty of inside activities to enjoy: I've got yards and yards of new fabric to play with (there are two great fabric shops near my aunt and uncle in Wisconsin).

Buzz had some TV shows to catch up on (he loves America's Next Top Model).

Plus, the dirt expanse we refer to as "the yard" has been looking might dry and dusty lately...

I have learned, however, that the rain is unlikely to solve this problem. I asked my neighbor if she had any suggestions about my dirtscape (she has the most luscious garden just 2 feet from this mess) and she told me that she had replaced all of the soil in her garden because what we have is far too high in clay content. Somehow I doubt my landlord wants to tear up the yard anytime soon.

Oh well, back to the sewing machine!

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Mary said...

The boys are jealous because Buzz has his own dustbowl! No fair!