Buzz is a pretty girl.

Buzz is a pretty girl. People often assume that Buzz is a she and say things like…

“What a happy girl!”

“She is so beautiful!”

“She’s got a lot of energy, huh?”

And usually I don’t correct people, because frankly I don’t care if Buzz is a girl in their eyes, but what I find funny is how EXTREMELY apologetic people get if they figure out that Buzz is a boy. How silly. I don’t care one whit and Buzz…well Buzz says “just don’t call me late for dinner!"

Such a very pretty girl.

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Allyson Hill said...

What a cute blog! And of course the dog too. We enjoyed the video (my son and I) of the demise of poor piglet. Yes, your dog does have energy! I love the deep in thought photo from an earlier post. Thanks for stopping by!