Reason #2 Buzz is a supermodel

Buzz has a natural sense of composition. As he was heading down the trail in front of me, I noticed that the log on the ground pointed to a spot on the trail that was directly under the patrially-fallen tree.

I have had an itty-bitty bit of training and know that if I could get my subject in that spot where the lines converged, it would be a good thing. I stopped and fiddled with the camera, thinking I would get a shot of Buzz’s butt while he crossed the spot. What did my little supermodel do? He stopped at the spot, turned, and posed for the camera!

Seriously. He’s a modeling genius.


Jen said...

Buzz is a sexy boy! He's trying to wow all his internet doggie friends.

Samantha said...

Hi, i found your blog through Three Woofs and a Woo.
I have been enjoying reading about Buzz.

That is a great photo and he stood exactly in the right place, clever boy. :-)