Buzz at the Kennel

I can't always take Buzz with me when I travel, so sometimes he goes to the kennel. He goes to a really nice place out in the country and the people there always remember him and smile and give him cuddles.

Last week was the first time that I had to kennel Buzz since switching him to raw food. Getting all of his meals ready was quite a task! The kennel owners weren't going to be able to supervise him in the same way that I do, so I didn't feel comfortable giving them any bones to feed him. Buzz has yet to have a choking problem of any kind, but why tempt fate?

Anyway, I bought some premade raw that contained ground bones and organ meat. Buzz ate the premade patties as his dinner. His breakfasts consisted of muscle meat as usual, but I diced them up into very small pieces rather than leaving them whole.

I had to bag everything and label it with instructions and feeding times. It was quite the process!

Buzz volunteered to help. He even somehow draped this tea towel over his back. It made me think of the Big Bad Wolf putting on Red Riding Hood's Grandmother's clothes...Buzz trying to pass himself off as the sous-chef when really he just wants to eat all the food!

Buzz did really well at the kennel--as usual, the little champ--and the owner said "Buzz you eat better than I do!" I will post the dog portions of my trip soon!

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