Letting a sheepdog be a sheepdog.

It is still very icy out there.

Buzz has a hard time staying upright. Look at his rear paw in this picture…see the skid mark?

I hope the weather changes soon because…DRAMATIC DRUM ROLL…Buzz is going on sheep as soon as the ice clears. Now we’ll see how much real border collie stuffing he’s got in his head with all that fuzz!

I asked Buzz if he wants some woolies and this is what he did:


He is drivey.

He definitely has some of the mannerisms of a sheepdog down.

He makes completely accurate forecasts of the weather by tasting the air.

Oh wait, the last thing was not accurate.

Ha ha ha.

I’m sorry that I lied to you.

Okay, no I’m not.

In any case, here’s a cool video of a young border collie who has just started on sheep. I hope I can post a Buzz-on-Sheep video soon!

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