Office Space

Dear Diary,

Well, I don’t know what the food lady is working on up there on her desk, but it seems to involve pens, pencils, paper, water bottles, coffee, and the clickity-clackity light-beamy thing.

It’s a little bit boring when the lady has to do the desk stuff, but I try to be a good sport about it. I lay down at her feet to keep her company.

It’s comfy and I bring my toys under there with me!

Sometimes I have had enough of hanging out under the desk. When I have had enough there are just a few easy things that I have to do in order to get the lady to take me outside and play with me.

First, I go and sit by her hand so that she pets me. She does this kind of absent-mindedly.

If that works, then I start to smile a lot and move around a little bit more so that she starts paying more attention. If I’m really lucky, I can get her to go "HA HA HA" at my crazy antics!


If I get her distracted enough, then I get what I want!
on his back, as always

Yay for moi!

Yours forever,
Buzz Buzz full of Fuzz

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