Saginaw Forest

Yesterday was quite warm and Buzz and I were not used to it! He was panting and tired and we couldn't go very far or very fast.

Today was nice without being too hot, so we went on a long hike through Saginaw Forest to Third Sister Lake!

Buzz was willing to go further into the water than in the fall, but he still doesn’t swim; he just wades.

Buzz doesn’t play fetch on land, but he loves getting a stick out of the water.

“Please throw the stick. Throw it. The stick should be thrown. Throw the stick.”

My favorite picture of the day!

Buzz can shake it. Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

He’s staring at the marsh just beyond…some truly strange noises were coming from there today…toads? birds? I really couldn’t say…

Playing with litter…

Tossing litter to himself and catching it as I look on laughing…

Crazy puppy caught mid-frolic...litter flying through the air...

Today, Buzz remembered what “Come!” means

But this is the look I got when I said “In the car!” : p

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