been a while...

It has been a while, since I was on here! In part, this is because Buzz has had a fortnight of misfortune. It all started with the lump in his lip, which continued to grow and so I needed to take him in for surgery. My vet told me it would cost over $400 for the surgery to neuter Buzz, close his herniated umbilical, and aspirate & possibly remove his lip's lump. So, I had to find a new vet. After a fair amount of research, I found a great one and had everything done for $250. The lump in his lip was a benign cyst. They think he had an injury that over-healed.

Following surgery, I needed to keep Buzz quiet for almost a week--not the easiest of tasks!

After 5 days of leash walking only, Buzz and I went to the woods and I let him run. He did great. The next day, however, he went crazy. He was happily trotting behind me. The next thing I know he's in midair right next to my shoulder! Keep in mind that I'm almost 6 feet tall! I think he jumped at least 6 feet along the path and 4 feet up! He seemed fine and we finished our hike and went home. But, after resting in the house for a while, the next time he got up, he was very wobbly. So, we were back on leash walking and quiet-time to see if he would continue to wobble (possible ACL injury) or would go back to normal (just a pulled muscle). Thankfully he got better.

Also happening during these past few weeks: 1 bout of diarrhea. 1 cut paw. 1 nail trimmed too close to the quick. 1 unfortunate encounter with the neighbor's bad dog.

Does Buzz seem any worse for the wear?

What a good boy!

[Buzz asked me to add this postscript]

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