A Week in Wisconsin

Buzz and I spent our first week together at my parents’ house. The first couple of days were tough because my mom was out of town and so I was looking after her dogs and a new puppy. I was exhausted by the time she came home!

In the first week we learned the following about Buzz:
1) That his name was Buzz. It took me a few days to discover this.
2) That he likes to be within 10 feet of me at all times.
3) That he has a good appetite.
4) That he is respectful of other dogs.
5) That he could be trusted off leash in safe areas (not by the road).
6) That he didn’t know where to pee and poo.
7) That he wasn’t too interested in the cats (a good thing!)

In the first week, I worked on the following with Buzz:
1. Getting comfortable with his crate
2. Knowing what to chew & what not to chew
3. Beginning housetraining
4. Beginning leash training
5. Having lots of fun and cuddles
6. Taking lots and lots of pictures!

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