I'm sorry I taught your kindergartner sex-ed

Dear Sonya’s Mom. You didn’t really react at the time, but I just want to say that I’m sorry I gave Sonya a sex ed lesson. Sincerely, Rossie

The scene:
Buzz and I go out the front door for a potty break and see Sonya, her mom, and their dog Mitzi on a walk, we all say hi to each other and Sonya comes over to pet Buzz. Chit-chat ensues. Buzz is really into how Sonya is petting him, so he rolls on his back and wiggles around.

Sonya: Is Buzz a boy?
Rossie: Yes, see? (points to Buzz’s penis)
Sonya: Oh…Mitzi is a girl.
Rossie: Yes.
Sonya: She doesn’t have one of those (points to Buzz’s penis)

((((((At this point I think to myself…what’s with defining something as a girl because of an absence of a penis, that’s kind of an insulting way of thinking about being a girl.)))))

Rossie: Right, Mitzi has a different thing, but it is inside her and we don’t see it.

((((((and then I realize that I may have gone too far and start babbling about something else)))))

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