First sighting of the dog that would be Buzz

I had been searching for a dog for quite some time. I took online quizzes on breed compatibility. I read a numerous books on dog breeds and dog training. I filled out an application with a border collie rescue. I went on petfinder and ran searches for border collies near me. I started volunteering at the humane society. I saw a lot of dogs, but none of them seemed like they were “my” dog.

It was mid-August and I was starting to reconsider my plan to NOT visit my parents in Wisconsin. I was a little homesick; I wanted to visit my ailing grandmother; I could take my work with me. I ran a search on petfinder for border collies near my parents house. A litter of puppies showed up very close to my hometown. Uh-oh.

My original intention was to adopt and adult dog, not a puppy. I thought I would skip the housetraining and crazy teenage stage. But adopting a puppy, if you know what you are doing, means being able to socialize them and keep them safe, producing a very even-tempered, reliable dog. Which is what I was looking for. So I went to visit the puppies.

Cuties, right?

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